WAICU Advisory Committees

A WAICU advisory committee (may be known as a council, task force, or work group) meets as needed for the purpose of advising WAICU staff on direction and content for specific programs and/or initiatives. Advisory committees are typically active for durations of six months or longer and focus on mid to long-term objectives. Committee members are employees of WAICU-member colleges or universities who volunteer or are designated by their leadership. WAICU staff coordinate the meetings and activities of committees.

Advocates 2022 Campus Leads
Campus leads advise WAICU advocacy staff on advocacy campus engagement to support policies benefitting students.
Liaison: Rebecca Larson rebecca.larson@waicu.org

Compliance Advisory Steering Committee
Advises WAICU staff on topics and speakers for the compliance portion of the annual WAICU Summit and may be called upon for input regarding other compliance issues WAICU is addressing on behalf of the members.
Liaison: Kathy Dutter kathy.dutter@waicu.org

Government Relations Council
Serves as an advisory committee on government relations and policy matters.
Liaison: Rebecca Larson rebecca.larson@waicu.org

Title IX Planning Committee
Assists WAICU staff in prioritizing needs for WAICU-facilitated Title IX training and vetting and shaping collaborative Title IX programs.
Liaison: Kathy Dutter kathy.dutter@waicu.org

Veterans Advisory Committee
Advises WAICU staff on matters related to veteran students on campus.
Liaisons: Rebecca Larson rebecca.larson@waicu.org and Kathy Paul kathy.paul@waicu.org