Student Services

WAICU Student Access services are provide to counselors, families, and potential students on behalf of WAICU members. WAICU provides students, families, counselors and educators with information about the private, nonprofit higher education sector in Wisconsin. Special emphasis is given to selecting a college, applying for college, and finanical aid and the unique benefits of WAICU members.

Student Access Materials

WAICU maintains a separate website ( and produces several publications for students, families, and educators to showcase our members and their opportunities for students.

School Counselor Support

Counselors play a vital role in students’ college decisions, and WAICU strives to educate counselors on our members and what they offer students. Counselors play a paramount role in the designing and continuous quality improvement of all of WAICU's Student Access programs.

Special Focus Outreach

WAICU regularly represents our members at college fairs, high school events, and other student- and family-focused informational sessions. WAICU also maintains information and contact lists for veterans, foster youth, transfer students, and students with disabilities.

Student Internships & Career Development

With the leadership of career professionals on member campuses, our students can turn their world-class educations into lucrative and meaningful career and internship opportunities.


Because of our commitment to educational opportunity, WAICU serves as administrators for hundreds of thousands of dollars in both merit- and need-based scholarships funded through private philanthropy.