Jennifer deHart

Chief Operating Officer
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Ms. deHart directs the activities of the WAICU Collaborative Services, which focuses on helping members control their costs through collaboration on back-office administrative functions and purchasing. She is also the COO of WAICU, including the WBC, WAICU ETC, and WRRP.

Torrie DeVoe

WAICU Benefits Consortium Coordinator
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Ms. DeVoe provides customer support for enrollment, eligibility, and billing functions and is instrumental in facilitating communication among the members of the WAICU Benefits Consortium.

Kathy Dutter

Director of Member Services
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Ms. Dutter is responsible for facilitating member college and university participation in the 40+ collaborative, cost-saving initiatives organized by WAICU and for responding to issues arising with regard to those services.

Taylor Hooker

Director of Outreach and High School Partnerships
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The Director of Outreach and High School Partnerships is responsible for strengthening the relationship between WAICU and the community, including developing student access initiatives and managing WAICU's internship and scholarship programs.

Shane Kellar

Executive Director of the WAICU Benefits Consortium (WBC)
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Mr. Kellar oversees the WBC, a jointly administered health plan for the faculty and staff of participating WAICU-member colleges and universities.

Rebecca Larson

Executive Vice President for External Relations
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Ms. Larson represents WAICU and its member colleges and universities to state and federal legislators and executive agencies.

Linh Anh Le

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Ms. Le coordinates the collection and provision of data for various mandated and voluntary surveys, and conducts research and analysis in support of WAICU’s policies and programs.

Kathy Paul

Senior Project Administrator
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As a member of the External Relations Team, Ms. Paul supports projects and initiatives related to access, retention, and transfer for the benefit of prospective and current students at WAICU-member colleges and universities.

Shawn Robin

Assistant, Operations and Member Services
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Ms. Robin handles event registrations, administers the WAICU directory and all listservs, performs receptionist duties, assists in general office operations, and provides back-up to other support staff.

Bill Schultz

Executive Director of WAICU Educational Technology Consortium
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Mr. Schultz oversees WAICU ETC, a consortium among WAICU members for a common administrative system.

Pamela Seelman

Director of Marketing & Communications
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Ms. Seelman is responsible for managing and directing the organization's internal and external communications.

Sonja Umberger

Executive Assistant to the President
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Ms. Umberger is responsible for the administrative support for the WAICU president.


Assistant External Relations
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The assistant for external relations provides project and program support to advance WAICU’s mission, policies, and program goals.