WAICU Network

The WAICU Network includes boards, advisory committees, groups and listservs that share intellectual capital and best practices.

Boards, Advisory Committees, Affinity Groups and Topical Listservs

WAICU Boards

WAICU-affiliated boards are formal governing bodies that set policies, manage costs, and oversee compliance for the entity. Board members are the WAICU member presidents or their designees as appropriate.

WAICU Advisory Committees

A WAICU advisory committee (may be known as a council, task force or work group) meets as needed for the purpose of advising WAICU staff on direction and content for specific programs and/or initiatives.

WAICU Affinity Groups

A WAICU affinity group is identified by organizational function and provides a way for WAICU-member college and university colleagues to network, share ideas and best practices, seek advice, and gain professional development. Affinity groups meet on a frequency determined by the group, which may be monthly to annually. A WAICU staff liaison facilitates meetings and promotes communication. Each affinity group has a listserv for digital communication.

WAICU Topical Listservs

A WAICU topical listserv is identified by topic for communication among WAICU members to seek advice and share ideas. Only members of the group are able to use the listserv. Meetings are not typical but may be organized for a specific purpose.