New Employee Wellness Service Options for the Mental Health TeleCounseling Program

The Virtual Care Group (VCG) is pleased to announce its latest offering: Employee Wraparound Wellness Services for WAICU Members.

  • Services: Primary care, urgent care, unlimited 50-minute solution-focused teletherapy sessions, 24/7 on-demand crisis counseling, live chat support, in-person counseling, coaching services, dermatology, and so much more!
  • Barrier Free: VCG is committed to removing the obstacles of high deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, co-pays, billing against insurance, and lengthy wait times for appointments.
  • Complementary: VCG services seamlessly complement existing health insurance plans or can function as a cost-effective standalone benefit for employees. Additionally, coverage can extend to up to seven dependents per employee.
  • Customized: VCG can tailor services to meet specific campus needs and budgets. 

Feel free to email The Virtual Care Group Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Liz Prince.

For more information on the Mental Health TeleCounseling program, email Kathy Dutter, WAICU director of member services, or call her at 608-204-5232.