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Who We Are


Our Mission: "WAICU: Wisconsin's private nonprofit colleges and universities working together to advance educational opportunity."


The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) is the organization of the twenty-three independent (or private) institutions of higher learning in Wisconsin.  Membership is limited to accredited, nonprofit institutions, headquartered in Wisconsin. The presidents of these institutions lead WAICU as its board of directors.  All of WAICU's programs are directed to support educational opportunity. WAICU works collaboratively to:


  • Advance the interests and promote the development of independent colleges and universities in Wisconsin.
  • Articulate the values and purposes of independent higher education and educate the public about these values and purposes.
  • Advocate equitable public policy affecting higher education in Wisconsin and nationally, and cost-effective allocation of public funds to assure freedom of choice for students in selecting an institution of higher learning.
  • Administer joint ventures, resource sharing, the exchange of information and scholarship, and mutual consultation and cooperation among the twenty-three independent colleges and universities in Wisconsin. 
  • Assist members in promoting access, affordability, and accountability.
  • Advance private philanthropy in support of the mission, its members, and their 60,000 students.

WAICU is recognized in state statutes (ss. 14.57, 15.377, 15.67, 16.979, 36.31(2m)(a)1, 36.31(2m)(a)3, 38.50, 39.285, 39.437(4)(a), and 115.297) and 2011 Governor's Executive Order 37, 2012 Governor's Executive Order 59, and 2013 Governor's Executive Order 97 as the official organization of Wisconsin nonprofit, private (or independent) colleges and universities and their more than 60,000 students. 



WAICU Groups


There are 29 groups meeting under the WAICU umbrella. Under the policy guidance of the college and university presidents, the groups share intellectual capital to advance the highest standards in professional development, to assure that WAICU projects and programs are grounded in real-world requirements for excellence in higher education, and to encourage cooperation and collaboration on campus and among colleges and universities. 


Admission Officers
Advancement Officers
Alumni/ae Directors
Business Officers
Career Development Directors
Chief Academic Affairs Officers
Chief Student Affairs Officers
Community Engagement Directors
Environmental Health & Safety Directors
Facilities Managers
Financial Aid Directors
Graduate Deans
Grant Development
Human Resources Directors
Information Technology Directors
Institutional Researchers
International/Study Abroad Directors
Library Directors
Multicultural Affairs Directors
Public Relations/Marketing Directors
Residence Life Directors
Risk Management/Insurance Managers
Safety and Security Directors
Secretaries/Assistants to Presidents
Student Activities Directors
Student Health Services Directors
Teacher Education Deans/Directors


The WAICU Staff


Organizational Chart


Rolf Wegenke, Ph.D., is president and CEO of the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, of the WAICU Educational Technology Consortium, and of the WAICU Benefits Consortium. Click here for a full biography and downloadable picture. Dr. Wegenke can be reached at 608-256-7761, ext. 222, or


Torrie DeVoe is collaborative services coordinator.  Contact Ms. DeVoe at 608-256-7761, ext. 231, or


Kathy Dutter is educational services coordinator.  Contact Ms. Dutter at 608-256-7761, ext. 238, or


Gary Evenson is director of research and analysis. Contact Mr. Evenson at 608-256-7761, ext. 243, or


Julie Foskett is comptroller. Contact Ms. Foskett at 608-256-7761, ext. 245, or


Katy Kaiser is assistant to the president. Contact Ms. Kaiser at 608-256-7761, ext. 222, or

Rebecca Larson is senior vice president for advocacy. Contact Ms. Larson at 608-256-7761, ext. 234, or


Suzanne Lidtke is WAICU's director of member services. Her primary focus is to work with WAICU members and others on WAICU's cost-saving collaborations, including facilitating participation; implementation and integration of programs; and monitoring for continuous improvement.  You can reach Ms. Lidtke at 608-256-7761, ext. 230, or


Jim Malicki is executive director of the WAICU Benefits Consortium (WBC), a jointly administered health plan for the faculty and staff of WAICU member colleges and universities. You may reach Mr. Malicki at 608-256-7761, ext. 228, or


Mark Navarro is director of outreach. His primary focus is on WAICU Student Access Programming, including college fairs, School Counselor Workshops, high school "college nights," and Wisconsin Private College Week.  You can reach Mr. Navarro at 608-256-7761, ext. 237, or


Rodney Opsal is senior vice president for collaborative services and directs the activities of the WAICU Collaboration Project, which focuses on helping members control their costs through collaboration on back-office administrative functions and purchasing. He is also COO of the WAICU Benefits Consortium and the WAICU Educational Technology Consortium. Contact Mr. Opsal at 608-256-7761, ext. 226, or


Bill Schultz is executive director of the WAICU Educational Technology Consortium (WAICU ETC).  He is the project manager for implementation and maintenance of a joint ERP system for participating WAICU members, including training and business process engineering.  Mr. Schultz can be reached at 608-256-7761, ext. 236, or


Liza Simon is senior vice president for finance and operations, including accounting, purchasing, human resources, technology, and facilities within the WAICU office.  Contact Ms. Simon at 608-256-7761, ext. 229, or


Christine Smith is operations assistant. Contact Ms. Smith at 608-256-7761, ext. 221, or


Carole Trone, Ph.D., is senior vice president for educational services. Contact Dr. Trone at 608-256-7761, ext. 223, or


The WAICU Student Access Center can be reached by calling 1-800-4-DEGREE (1-800-433-4733) or by e-mailing




® Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU)
122 W. Washington Ave, Suite 700 - Madison, WI 53703-2723 Ph: (608) 256-7761 Fx: (608) 256-7065