WAICU at a glance

This is WAICU

Wisconsin's private, nonprofit colleges and universities working together for educational opportunity.

The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) is the organization of the twenty-four independent (or private) institutions of higher learning in Wisconsin. Membership is limited to accredited, nonprofit institutions, headquartered in Wisconsin. The presidents of these institutions lead WAICU as its board of directors. All of WAICU's programs support educational opportunity.

WAICU is recognized in state statutes (ss. 15.105(25m)(c), 15.377, 15.67, 15.675(1)(c), 16.979, 36.31(2m)(a)1, 36.31(2m)(a)3, 38.50, 39.285, 39.30, 39.41, 39.435, 39.437(4)(a), 115.297, and 118.55) and 2011 Governor's Executive Order # 37, 2012 Governor's Executive Order #59, 2013 Governor's Executive Order #97, 2015 Governor's Executive Order #147, and 2015 Wisconsin Act 208 as the official organization of Wisconsin nonprofit, private (or independent) colleges and universities and their nearly 60,000 students.

Fact of the Month

Approximately 35% of students enrolled in Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges are age 25 or over.

Source: IPEDS 2013 Fall Enrollment Data

Private College Week – July 11-16, 2016

The 20th annual Wisconsin Private College Week (PCW) will be held July 11-16, 2016. Prospective students and their families are invited to tour WAICU member campuses, attend information sessions, discuss financial aid opportunities, and connect with students. Visiting students will receive one entry in the iPad giveaway for each campus they visit (the PCW evaluation that is to be distributed by the campus serves as the entry form). Details about PCW can be found at http://www.wisconsinsprivatecolleges.org/visit