WI State Approval Authority

official representative of Wisconsin's 24 private, nonprofit colleges and universities

WAICU is recognized in state statutes (ss. 15.105(25m)(c), 15.377, 15.67, 15.675(1)(c), 16.979, 36.31(2m)(a)1, 36.31(2m)(a)3, 38.50, 39.285, 39.30, 39.41, 39.435, 39.437(4)(a), 115.297, and 118.55) and 2011 Governor's Executive Order # 37, 2012 Governor's Executive Order #59, 2013 Governor's Executive Order #97, 2015 Governor's Executive Order #147, and 2015 Wisconsin Act 208 as the official organization of Wisconsin nonprofit, private (or independent) colleges and universities and their nearly 58,000 students.

As a result of the U.S. Department of Education’s October 2010 Program Integrity/State Authorization final rule, each college and university must be authorized by the State of Wisconsin in order to offer postsecondary education in this state. All WAICU members are in compliance.

WAICU members that must submit information related to state authorization or licensure in conjunction with federal program certifications and recertifications, gainful employment filings, audit requirements, etc., should provide a copy of the Wisconsin Administrative Register listing and Governor's Executive Order to the U.S. Department of Education.