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Wisconsin State Approval Authority documents 

The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) was founded in 1961 and is recognized in state statutes (ss. 15.105(25m), 15.377, 15.67, 16.979, 36.31(2m)(a)1, 36.31(2m)(a)3, 38.50, 39.285, 39.30, 39.41, 39.435, 39.437(4)(a), 115.297, and 118.55) and 2011 Governor's Executive Order # 37, 2012 Governor's Executive Order #59, 2013 Governor's Executive Order #97, and 2015 Governor's Executive Order #147 as the official organization of Wisconsin's private, nonprofit (or independent) colleges and universities and their 60,000 students. Each WAICU member is a nonprofit, fully accredited, degree-granting institution, but each is unique, with its own mission and culture. All are open to people of every race, religion, and economic circumstance. All are student-centered, offering small class sizes, individual attention from professors, opportunities for involvement and leadership, and generous financial aid that makes a private higher education affordable for all qualified students.

If you are a student or parent looking for more information about Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities, visit WisconsinsPrivateColleges, our interactive website featuring virtual campus tours, details of admission requirements, and more. If you want to support our students or find out more about WAICU and its members, we invite you to explore this site.

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WAICU: Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges working together for educational opportunity.
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