Environmental Health and Safety Program

After two successful rounds of environmental peer audits ($5.6 million dollars in fines were avoided by the original 16 participating members!) the third round of audits will begin to focus on health and safety issues, in addition to environmental findings.  The third round of audits will begin in the Spring of 2015.  Participation in the WAICU Environmental Health and Safety Program is voluntary and open to all WAICU members, regardless of past participation in the program.  Unlike the previous peer audit program, there are no legal fees associated with negotiating a contract with the EPA and Wisconsin DNR, so each school that chooses to participate will only pay the cost of their audit, and there will be no reports to file with federal or state organizations.  However, much like the second round of audits, each school will be able to customize their audit to best suit the needs of their individual campus.  This allows each campus to make the decision on the scope of the audit, while still benefiting from the peer audit process.