2022 Advocates In 2022 Campaign

Building a stronger Wisconsin

Statewide workforce shortages in critical occupations remain. The postsecondary attainment gaps that have persisted among students from different income levels and among racial and ethnic groups must be addressed if we are to meet future workforce needs. Through strategic state and federal investment in student financial aid, such as the Wisconsin Grant and the Pell Grant, Wisconsin can build a strong workforce, address the attainment gap for traditionally underrepresented students, and enhance Wisconsin’s economic vitality.

WAICU’s mission is Working together for student opportunities, and we invite you to become one of our advocates for student financial aid. If you are a supporter of student opportunities and believe in the importance of federal and state financial assistance that targets low- and low-middle-income students in addressing Wisconsin’s demographic and workforce challenges, WAICU’s 2022 Advocates In 2022 Campaign is for YOU!