One Card Program

WAICU is offering a One Card solution, a new cost-saving collaborative service with deep discounts for members. WAICU has negotiated a contract with Heartland that provides Heartland One Card software, hardware, and maintenance at significant savings to WAICU members. Under the WAICU One Card program, members can choose door access hardware from Heartland or from Vanderbilt Industries, another global leader in state-of-the-art security door access systems, also under contract with WAICU. Both of these systems are available to WAICU members at the same discount level. 

The development of this new program began in January with a WAICU higher education one card symposium, attended by 38 representatives from member colleges and universities. The symposium provided members an opportunity to identify the features they need/desire in a one card system. WAICU staff reviewed and evaluated a variety of one card solutions with ongoing feedback from a taskforce of WAICU members.

The WAICU One Card program is unique in that it not only offers a Heartland One Card solution with a prescribed discount for new WAICU customers and existing WAICU customers, it also includes other vendors under contract with WAICU, including:

  • One Card implementation professional services from a local one card access provider, LaForce;
  • Door Access Hardware solutions from both Heartland and Vanderbilt Industries;
  • Third Party Data Management tool from SwiftData; and
  • A third party off campus merchant solution.

Since the Heartland One Card software is designed using open architecture, WAICU members are able to integrate with myriad existing campus systems.  As part of this One Card program, WAICU has negotiated a contract with SwiftData for their Pinwheel DME (Data Management Engine) product that allows WAICU members to custom-tailor data integration solutions for the WAICU One Card system. The Pinwheel DME eliminates the need for manual updates and allows you to easily manage disparate campus auxiliary systems.

The final component is a third party software solution for off-campus merchant applications. WAICU will assist participating colleges and universities to work with merchants in their communities.