Microsoft Select Agreement

The WAICU Microsoft Academic Select Agreement for institutional purchases. Through this program, schools may purchase individual licenses of Microsoft programs including Microsoft applications, operating systems, servers, and CALs.

Microsoft Select is a perpetual license program, meaning, the school must purchase one license for each computer but they only pay for the software once. There is no annual subscription fee for licenses purchased under the Academic Select Agreement.

Pricing for the Academic Select Agreement has been pre-negotiated. We use the aggregate purchase power of the membership to meet the purchase commitment required by Microsoft to keep the Select Agreement active. Academic Select is priced roughly 20% below Academic E-Open and there is no minimum purchase required by the institution to qualify for Academic Select through the Association.

Academic Select vs. Microsoft EES Campus Agreement

Microsoft Campus Agreement is the best way to license Microsoft software campus-wide. Campus Agreement is also the best way to license server software in a centralized procurement environment. However, a school may not want to license certain Microsoft software throughout the entire campus, such as Microsoft Project, for example. Academic Select Agreement complements Campus Agreement in that it allows for the purchase of individual licenses at the lowest possible pricing. Decentralized schools may find Select Agreement to be more convenient for departmental purchases. Schools with long refresh cycles of software and hardware may not see the value in Software Assurance, which makes Academic Select a more attractive program.